From the Bar to the Court Room: What is Assault?

Friday nights are made for relaxing with friends. Knowing you don’t have to wake up the next morning for work can make is easier to drink a little more than maybe you should. Nobody sets out on a fun Friday night to endanger or offend someone else, but alcohol can...

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Domestic Assault is Complex

Domestic assault is a complex and often emotionally charged issue with close relationships on the line. Nobody expects to be charged with domestic assault but it can seriously impact your future. Domestic assault can be a misdemeanor, a gross misdemeanor, or a felony...

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Domestic Assaults and Orders for Protection

Domestic assault is serious and oftentimes emotional because it can involve family members and close friends. Sometimes, cases of domestic assault are volatile and unpredictable. It can be helpful to have an idea what an accusation of domestic assault entails before...

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Understanding Domestic Assault

The term “domestic assault” brings a certain image to mind. When we hear of a domestic assault case, we often picture a male physically harming a female, usually a girlfriend or wife. In actuality, there are many different actions that are considered domestic assault....

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Resisting an Arrest – What You Need to Know

No one plans on being arrested. If you find yourself in such a situation, we always recommend staying calm and being cooperative.  We know that this can be difficult in such highly charged situations.   Oftentimes people are confused by why they are being arrested,...

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BWI and July 4th

The Fourth of July is a great time to go boating with friends. Minnesota law does not prohibit passengers on a boat from drinking alcoholic beverage or having an open bottle. While having a few drinks while on the water can be great fun, planning for a sober operator...

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