A Sampling of Minnesota’s Marijuana Laws

While there has been talk of major revisions to Minnesota’s marijuana laws, it appears that change is not currently imminent. That means that Minnesota’s current laws remain in place. Some key provisions include: Medical marijuana: Minnesota’s medical cannabis program...

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Minnesota’s DWI Law and St. Patrick’s Day

Similar to how police increase their patrolling during the end-of-year holidays, law enforcement will be extra vigilant this St. Patrick’s Day Weekend as it’s a holiday known for drinking. Take appropriate measures if you’re participating in the celebration and have a...

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Test Refusal – More Than Just Saying “No”

If you are pulled over in Minnesota and the officer believes you are under the influence of alcohol, they will probably ask you to take a roadside preliminary breath test. You do not have to take this test. If you refuse, you will probably be arrested for DWI based on...

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Law Enforcement and the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has resulted in increased attention to the use and abuse of controlled substances, both nationally and locally. Opioid dependence often starts with a prescription, which may be issued after an injury, illness, or surgery. When the individual is no...

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Tribal Courts in Minnesota

Minnesota has 11 federally recognized tribes, each of which has its own tribal court, governed by its own laws and procedures. The attorneys at F. Clayton Tyler, P.A. are admitted to practice law before several of these courts. Tribal courts often have concurrent...

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Huffing and Driving: New Ruling for Minnesota

After a fatal car crash caused by huffing cans of air duster in the summer of 2017, a loophole in Minnesota’s DWI laws was closed last year. The crash occurred in Wisconsin, but one of the individuals who was killed had brothers in Minnesota. Then, in October, 2017,...

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