Similar to how police increase their patrolling during the end-of-year holidays, law enforcement will be extra vigilant this St. Patrick’s Day Weekend as it’s a holiday known for drinking. Take appropriate measures if you’re participating in the celebration and have a designated driver or rideshare planned to avoid a confrontation with police.

Statistically, most of the DWI arrests made each year in Minnesota are for a first-time offense. Even a first offense, however, can have significant impacts even before you go to court. This includes a license revocation, which typically begins seven days after your arrest. In some cases, your license plates will also be impounded. Additionally, you may need to get your car out of impound. Although it’s rare, even a first offense could result in forfeiture of the car.

If you have any previous incidents, the consequences can be more severe. This can include mandatory minimum jail sentences, lengthy license revocations, mandatory ignition interlock, and forfeiture of the car.

Navigating Minnesota’s laws and the consequences of a DWI arrest requires experienced legal help, so give our defense attorneys a call if you are in need of trusted legal representation. We have years of experience defending clients against DWI allegations.