Whether you’re a visitor in Minnesota or a Minnesota resident visiting another state, an out-of-state DWI or DUI arrest is likely to impact your drivers license. Only the issuing state can revoke your license, but the state you were charged in can suspend your ability to drive in that state. Additionally, most states (including Minnesota) participate in the Interstate Driver License Compact, which means your traffic violations or charges from out-of-state will be sent to the state where you are licensed. If you are not a Minnesota resident but are charged with a DUI/DWI in the state, record of your arrest will be sent to your home state.

For example: take an Iowa resident with an Iowa drivers license, arrested for DWI in Minnesota. Minnesota will revoke their privilege to drive in Minnesota. That revocation will be governed by Minnesota law, both in terms of length and reinstatement requirements. Minnesota will also send notice of the arrest to Iowa. Whether Iowa revokes or suspends their license, the length of the revocation, and the reinstatement requirements will all be governed by Iowa law.

If you are a non-resident charged in Minnesota, our defense attorneys can help you navigate the complicated laws on interstate DUI/DWI violations. Even if you are a Minnesota resident facing DUI/DWI charges from out-of-state, we can help with issues relating to your license suspension. These are complicated cases, which often have strict deadlines for challenging the license revocation. Contact us right away so that all of your options are on the table.