Did you think standard DUIs or DWIs penalties were bad? How about the inconvenience and humiliation of license plate impoundment?

Minnesota law requires license plate impoundment in connection with certain DUI or DWI incidents. The order applies to the vehicle involved in the incident, and to all vehicles owned or leased by the alleged offender. In most cases, the owner can obtain special registration plates for the car, commonly referred to as “whiskey plates.” They are easy to recognize on the road seeing as they always begin with the letter “W.” This lets law enforcement know that the vehicle – or one of its owners – was involved in a serious DUI/DWI incident.

Wondering what offenses result in ‘whiskey plates’?

  • a DUI/DWI with an alcohol concentration of .16 or more
  • a DUI/DWI or test refusal within ten years of another DUI/DWI/test refusal incident
  • a DUI/DWI or test refusal with a child under the age of 16 present in the vehicle
    Driving while your license is canceled as inimical to public safety
  • a DUI/DWI/test refusal disqualification of commercial driving privileges within ten years of another impaired driving incident

If you have been given a plate impoundment order, you have the right to challenge it in court, but you must file your challenge within 30 days – even if you haven’t been charged or had your first court appearance. Time is of the essence – call us today for Straight Talk and Honest Answers about whiskey plates.