It’s easy to think of a misdemeanor conviction as minor, but even misdemeanors can have serious consequences. You may still lose your job if the charge relates directly to the industry in which you work or if you miss too many days due to fulfilling your sentence.

There are a variety of convictions that may affect your job and not all of them may be obvious. Some common convictions that may impact your career include:

  • A domestic assault charge
  • A drug related arrest
  • A DUI arrest
  • Accumulating too many moving violations or other traffic tickets within a certain period of time

Certain careers, such as governmental offices, teachers, nurses, lawyers, and others, are expected to maintain certain ethical standards. Minor infractions such as too many speeding tickets can directly affect their ability to retain their licenses. Other careers, such as plumbers, psychologists, social workers, and electricians, may have to report any convictions to the agency that gave them their license.

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