Domestic assault is serious and oftentimes emotional because it can involve family members and close friends. Sometimes, cases of domestic assault are volatile and unpredictable. It can be helpful to have an idea what an accusation of domestic assault entails before the complexities of a specific situation put you or someone you love at risk.
You may be accused of assault if someone says you:
  • intentionally inflicted bodily harm,
  • attempted to inflict bodily harm, or
  • committed an act with intent to cause fear of immediate bodily harm or death.
An assault is considered domestic when it is committed against:
  • your spouse or former spouse,
  • your parent,
  • your child,
  • your blood relative,
  • a person with whom you have a significant romantic or sexual relationship,
  • a person you live with or used to live with,
  • and even a person with whom you share a child in common,
  • the alleged father of your unborn child, or
  • a woman pregnant with a child alleged to be yours.
You can read more about domestic assault on our page, What Every Minnesotan Should Know about Domestic Assault. We will link the page name within the content.(https://fctyler.com/practice-areas/domestic-assault/what-every-minnesotan-should-know-about-domestic-assault/)
Victims of domestic assault can seek an order for protection against an alleged abuser. If the judge finds that the person is in immediate and present danger of domestic abuse, they will issue an ex parte order for protection. Ex parte means the other party does not get a chance to be heard before the order issues. Often the only way a hearing is held is if the other party makes a timely request after being served with a copy of the order. Ex parte orders are active for a fixed period of time and can last up to two years.
Domestic assaults are complicated because they oftentimes involve complex and deeply emotional relationships. It’s important to know what is considered domestic assault and what options exist before a tragedy occurs. If you have been accused of domestic assault, you need an attorney. Call us. Straight Talk. Honest Answers.