When you hear “drug deal” what image comes to mind? Do you picture two people meeting covertly in the dark of night, maybe in a dark alleyway or a seedy side of town? You probably did not imagine the setting of a drug transaction to be in your neighborhood and certainly not your own house. Prescription drug abuse is a nationwide crisis that often starts at home. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, an estimated 52 million Americans use prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons at least once in their lifetime. Over half of people who have abused these prescription drugs have gotten them from a friend or family member for free.

Medications are commonplace in our society, and we often view any drug with a prescription as safe. However, prescription drug abuse is a dangerous epidemic. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that more people die from legally prescribed drugs than from heroin and cocaine combined. Prescription drugs are also often “gateway drugs” to other highly addictive drugs like heroin.
Abusing prescription drugs also has severe, often unthought-of, legal consequences. If you or your child are stopped for a traffic violation and are found with someone else’s prescription drugs, you may face charges of unlawful possession. Similar charges may be made if someone else’s unlabeled prescription drugs are found in your car. Sharing your medication with a friend who is struggling with pain might be well-meaning, but under Minnesota’s broad definition of “sell” you could be charged with felony drug sales.
Minnesota, along with other states, is recognizing the seriousness of prescription drug abuse. If you have been charged with the illegal possession or sale of prescription drugs, you need a knowledgeable, experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. Contact the law office F. Clayton Tyler, P.A. for a free consultation regarding your case.