Questions about your case?

Get a second Opinion and get peace of mind.

F. Clayton Tyler, P.A. is now offering Second Opinion services, because serious problems deserve serious analysis. You might get a second opinion for a medical diagnosis, an insurance quote, or to see whether suggested auto repairs are really necessary. Why not a second opinion regarding your criminal case? Now you can.

What is a Second Opinion?
Our team will provide an independent, professional review of your case and provide you with a written opinion containing our legal analysis. We will outline the issues, the evidence, and the options you have for proceeding with your case. We want to empower you to make informed decisions regarding your case.
How does it work?
We start with an intake interview. We will get background information from you about you, your case, and your concerns or questions. You will provide us with any and all material you want us to review, including copies of your police reports and other discovery. We will then review those materials from a fresh, independent perspective. We will provide a written memorandum containing our professional legal analysis, and have a concluding meeting in which we discuss our analysis and answer your questions.
What about my current attorney?
We will not contact your current attorney without your express written permission, but we do encourage you to be upfront with him or her. Our hope is that our analysis will enable you to work more effectively with your present counsel.
Will you tell my attorney what to do?
Absolutely not. We will tell you what we think your options are. It is up to you to communicate with your current attorney and work with him or her to decide how you want your case handled.
Will you represent me on my case?
If you are already represented by an attorney, we will provide fresh, independent legal analysis of your case. We will not take over representation, but we hope that our analysis will help you decide how to proceed with your case.
What if I do not presently have an attorney?
We can provide legal analysis for you even if you do not presently have an attorney. For example, we may be able to review your case and help you determine whether or not you need an attorney. If you do not presently have an attorney, but decided after our review that you need one, we may be willing to represent you on your case.
How much does it cost?
The cost varies, depending on the nature of the case, the volume of records to be reviewed, whether you want a complete review or only review of one or two issues, and how quickly you need the work done.
Why should I choose F. Clayton Tyler, P.A. for a second opinion?
Our experienced criminal defense attorneys will ensure that your case gets the attention it deserves and that you get the answers you need to make truly informed decisions about your case.

If you have questions or concerns about your case, and would like to get a second opinion from our professional legal team, contact us today at 612-333-7309.

If you are facing a criminal charge, you need professional, personal representation. Our team of attorneys will offer you Straight Talk and Honest Answers about your case.