Criminal Records

Records related to criminal charges and convictions are maintained by a number of different agencies and organizations, including:
  • District Court
  • Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
  • Police Department
  • City or County Attorney’s Office
  • Probation

Some of these records are public, and available to anyone. Other records are private, and can only be accessed with your permission. It is not unusual for a prospective employer or landlord to ask for permission to check your records as part of a background check.

Before we begin your expungement, it is helpful to have a comprehensive picture of your criminal history, including a full understanding of what records exist and which agencies hold them. Typically the best place to start is by obtaining a report of your complete BCA records and a courthouse check of district court records. If you have questions about this, please contact us today.

If you are facing a criminal charge, you need professional, personal representation. Our team of attorneys will offer you Straight Talk and Honest Answers about your case.