Minnesota drivers should be aware of the increased police presence they will experience on roads this holiday season due to a DWI Holiday campaign, which is in response to alcohol consumption being a cultural phenomenon of the holidays. Typically, the number of motor vehicle crashes, fatal and otherwise, also rise during this time of holiday traffic and drinking. Law enforcement will be on the lookout for telling signs of a possible drunk driver: swerving, failing to stop for stop signs or lights, and erratic decreasing or increasing of speed.

Last year, the campaign resulted in 2,757 arrests between November 21 to December 29; additionally, around 300 law enforcement agencies participated in the campaign. Expect a similar amount of law enforcement participation and time period (Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve) during this year’s campaign. While the use of a controlled substance other than alcohol while driving has declined, drivers can still be arrested with a DUI if law enforcement has reason to believe their driving is impaired by a substance.

If you are arrested for a DWI and convicted, one night of drinking could result in:

  • A criminal record that can affect your future housing, job stability, financial assistance, and other aspects of life.
  • Jail time that could result in up to a year in prison depending on factors such as a previous record, any aggravating factors, and your BAC level.
  • Financial strain to pay for fines, fees, and legal representation.
  • Revocation of your license for a period of time which could range from a month to a year.
  • Loss of driving privileges if the offender has a record of previous offenses.

This holiday season have a sober ride lined up before getting behind the wheel while intoxicated or impaired by alcohol or a controlled substance. If you are pulled over, do not refuse to take a breath alcohol test. Driving on Minnesota roads implies an agreement, through the implied consent law, that drivers will submit to testing; refusing to take the test will result in an arrest.

The experienced defense attorneys at F. Clayton Tyler can expertly represent you in a court of law and give you straight talk and honest answers if you or someone you know has been arrested for a DWI or DUI.