The opioid crisis has resulted in increased attention to the use and abuse of controlled substances, both nationally and locally. Opioid dependence often starts with a prescription, which may be issued after an injury, illness, or surgery. When the individual is no longer able to get opiates by prescription, they may seek more from friends or family, or purchase them illegally. On the street, heroin is often less expensive than prescription drugs. To increase the high – and the dependence – heroin is often laced with fentanyl, a highly dangerous synthetic opioid. Recently, the National Safety Council recently revealed that it’s now more likely for Americans to overdose than die in a motor vehicle accident.

While opioids are getting lots of attention right now, they are hardly the only dangerous drugs out there. Data compiled by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety show that as of 2017, the last year for which data is available, the number of arrests for methamphetamine and other dangerous non-narcotic drugs was continuing to rise year after year. In September, 2018, authorities made the largest meth seizure in Minnesota history, recovering 170.98 pounds of meth .

Drug crimes cover a large range of people and offenses, from possession of small quantities of controlled substances for personal use to interstate and international drug trafficking. One positive effect of the opioid crisis is that it has highlighted the need for effective drug treatment and for destigmatizating addiction.

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